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I was tagged by chosenofashurha Rule 1: Always post rules. 
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1. Something you want to do before dying?
Adopt a huge, fluffy beast of a dog of my own, and become the best of friends with them. I mean a BIG dog I can just hug whenever. All of our “family” pets have been relatively small dogs, and they all belonged more to my aunt or grandmother than me, so I’ve never had a canine companion I’ve connected with that way. :c

2. Favorite SNL sketch?
I’ll be totally honest. I don’t really watch SNL. But uh.. I like Fire Marshall Bill from In Living Color? If I can use that as a substitute answer?

3. A sexual act that you just can’t get behind even in imagination?
I mean, everybody’s entitled to their fetishes, but I’m never gonna’ have any interest in scatplay. Also, hook suspension. The thought of it makes me cringe.

4. Twerk or Booty bump?
Booties in movement are nice, why discriminate?

5. What’s your best pun?
OH NO THIS IS SUCH A TOUGH QUESTION I’LL NEED LIKE A WEEK TO THINK THIS ONE OVER. I have so many absolute gems, the first one that comes to mind is this one.

6. Song you unashamedly love even though it’s probably really bad?
Anything by miracleofsound. Anything from I Fight Dragons. Anything that I’ve personally sung. People tell me those are all really bad but I’m a proud fanboy of like anything I listen to, and I love singing, myself.

7. Parody porn or parody movies?
I don’t watch much of either, but I’ll never forget the time I stumbled onto that L4D porn where Zoe was molested by some girl dressed up as a Witch, who just had on some stupid oversized rubber monster gloves and it was hilarious.

8. What are you dressing up for on Halloween?
Maybe Scout from TF2 again, or as a Team Plasma Grunt from Pokemon, if I can keep my Dragon*Con costume in good shape.

9. Animal you wish you had?
Aside from the big dog mentioned previously, I’ve always wanted a cute albino mouse/rat friend to sit on my shoulder. I like rodents.

10. Weirdest shit you’ve seen online or irl?
Probably something Ni has shown me that I’ve blocked out of my memory.

11. What’s something you hate rn?
The agonizingly slow passage of time where I’m left alone with myself, my thoughts, and my crippled faith in people.

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there’s still hope for that arcanine, ni

the game isn’t out yet

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so i finally received my free 3D printed bracelet from google & it looks super cool omg!!! 

(p.s. you can make your own bracelet for free and have it shipped to u for free on their website!!)

i’m gonna send ni a green one that says “khaleesi”

; A; that’s so nice. But my uncle would flip.

Aw. :C I figured that might come up, so I waited to see your response before I hit the “confirm” button.

Google said it would look like this, though:

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I think my head is too musically wired. And I get frustrated because I don’t tend to remember songs for lyrics. But chords, and tempo progression.

So when I’ve got a song stuck in my head. I can’t tend to google the lyrics. And I get frustrated.

I did that with some song from the 90’s for literally years until I heard it on some Youtube video really, really recently. I still do that with several songs, but mostly game or anime OSTs from early 2000.

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I’ve been bouncing back and forth between 134-136 followers since last year. I mean, like, a full year. I don’t know why, but it’s just sort of settled there with people following and unfollowing me back and forth.

But always 134-136.

It’s so weird.

Not enough porn bro

You’re right. I need to reblog dicks and squish and draw dicks and squish. Fuck I’m gonna’ be so famous

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Some lines for more of lioeark’s artwork. With white background, and with their scan in the background, for comparison.

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I feel better now that I see Ni on my dash.

(who will probably make fun of me for getting mad at trolls in a game)

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lioeark .. Obama has been teaching us all along.

-tears into cherry blossom scattered wind-

To hope.. To change..
//clenches fist

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lioeark .. Obama has been teaching us all along.

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also, here’s stand-alone versions of both